I’m Malvina.

Writer, activist, world traveler, mom.

In September 2011 we picked up everything and moved from the USA to my husband’s small hometown in rural Brazil. We didn’t have a plan; we just knew his brother needed a kidney and we wanted to start a family.

By November we moved from the crowded family home in-town to the semi-abandoned family farm in order to get some breathing room.

Somewhere in there I picked up a book of crônicas, Brazilian short stories, and fell in love with them. The fixer-upper farm also became home, the brother got his kidney, adventures sprouted, and I began writing stories to readers back home.

We didn’t plan on staying. We still don’t know where these adventures will take us.

These are our crônicas, stories from our daily life written to entertain and inspire. They began as a way to share Brazilian life with family back home in the USA. They’ve grown into something more.  They are glimpses into the universal crazy that makes us all human, snippets of the homesteading and farm lifestyle, a dose of love for the simple beauties, and a honest and compassionate look at life in Brazil beyond what’s in the tourism books.

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Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here!

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