Stories with humor, finding the light in the little things in life.

Brazilian Wedding

A family of sweeping eyebrows. Men wearing fuzzy caterpillars Women wearing winged seagulls. Outdoor canopy borrowed, resuscitated from some past political event. National beer flowing free in cups and across tablecloths. Band playing bouncing beats of forro from the improvised stage– neither expert nor always melodic but always rhythmic and enthusiastic. Red, Brazilian mud grabbing […]

Traffic Signs

The road signs are like driving with your father. “Use luz baixa quando cruza os vehiculos.” (Use your low beams with oncoming traffic) “Evite accidentes. Respite a sinalização.” (Avoid accidents. Respect the traffic signs.) “Em chuva não ultrapasse.” (Don’t pass when it’s rainy) “Só ultrapasse com segurança.” (Only pass when it’s safe) “Use luz baixa […]

Word Jumble

At seven months of living in Brazil, my languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) are still a bit of a mash-up. It’s a wonder that I manage to communicate at all. Portañol will only get you so far. It’s as if someone up there with a devilish sense of humor cross-wired these languages on purpose. In Portuguese […]

Trash Redux

I have a horrible time keeping track of which day it is.  Let’s be honest, I was never particularly talented at it.  I’d like to blame it on much international travel and lots of exposure to a non-Western time sense, rather than consider that it’s just a glaring character flaw.  Yes, let’s do that. To make matters […]