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iPhone Apps for Escaping into the Exterior

One of my smartest USA exit purchases was an unlocked iPhone4.  USD$800 was a bitter pill to swallow.  Now a year later, it numbers within my top 5 of things I would grab if I had to flee a burning building.  I’m sure that to my Brazilian in-laws my constant fiddling with this little black brick […]

Sexing the Banana*

The epitome of the feminine, the papaya, can only be planted by women. Heck, in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world it is another word for vulva, which in my opinion beats beaver any day. (By the way, I could talk at length at how both Spanish and Portuguese are far better a describing the […]

Animal Farm: Os Bichos

As a linguist I have a love for words descriptive and versatile. Bicho ranks right up there with fuck in its versatility. Insert it wherever words fail you: pega isse bicho lá para mim? (grab that whatzit over there for me?) and with a certain air of the expletive: bicho está trabado! (damn thing is […]

Animal Farm: Lao

This week Crônicas do Brasil got an exclusive opportunity to interview one of the more enigmatic characters from Fazenda Pau D’Alho: Lao. While lore tells us that Lao came to the farm as a young cat around the time that Dora and Katya were living here, there are conflicting stories as to how he got […]