Fotocrônica: I’ve Arrived

It’s orange season! Around here almost everyone has an orange tree in their back yard, or knows someone who does. We all sit around snacking on oranges until we can’t stand it anymore. Most of these trees are juice oranges and they don’t peel easily. Thus, the correct way to eat a Brazilian orange is to slice off the bitter outer rind, lop off one end, and then suck out all the juice. Eating the inner fruit flesh is optional.

I can peel an apple or a potato in my sleep. It took me a few years to master the slicing of the orange rind. Too close and the next step of sucking the juice gets really messy.  Too thin and you’re left with too much rind and your lips get burnt by the essential oils. On these thin-skinned juice oranges, you’ve got to hit it just right. If you’re really good you can get it all in one, long strip.

I’ve arrived. Can I have my honorary Brazilian card now?

Orange Rind

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  1. Hi Malvina, I’m enjoying reading your Blog in Ohio, I’m a from Rio, born and moved to the US when I was 8. My heart is still in Brasil, as you can imagined? I get to back every 3 or 4 years, not long enough. Mu husband still has hopes of retiring there, but goes and back forth with the idea. Me, I’m just not sure yet.

    Anyway, in reading about the peeling of the orange, I still peel my potatoes like that as well. Drives the Americans crazy, even though I can use the peeler, I’m much more comfortable using a paring knive, and contrary to people’s believe, I leave allot of the potatoe. I think it’s a mastery to be able to do that. Have you noticed that while living there?
    Thanks for the Blog.



    • Absolutely! My apples look like that too, which was why I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to master oranges 🙂 they don’t use peelers around here so it’s master a paring knife or go hungry!

  2. You got it right!

  3. I am pro-peeler when in comes to apples. And for oranges why not just use one of these these?
    I must say though that I really admire the elderly in Brazil I see from time to time that still insist on slicing using a pearing knife, and leave a trail of peel behind them (this probably delays arthritis as well I bet) but I´ll never master said art plus I´m too vain regarding my hands.

    • Orange peelers! I had totally forgotten that piece of my childhood (we had a Tupperware one). handy tool. A very I am AMAZED that someone took the time to make a review of two competing orange peelers, though. Wow. That’s some free time.
      The peel doesn’t separate easily from the orange here, so I think even a handy-dandy, top-rated Tupperware peeler might have a hard time separating peel from flesh. I’m just going to have to continue practicing my knife skills, I think. 🙂

  4. I don’t peel my oranges. I cut them in halves and use the citrus fruits juice maker (I don’t know the name of that thing!) 🙂

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