Fotocrônica: Purple Eggs

Green Eggs and Ham may be a thing of fiction, but purple eggs? For reals. Not even dyed.

My brother-in-law cares for the cows and is often wandering home with some discovered wonder–a stash of passionfruits, an orange the size of a grapefruit, and, why, oh why I didn’t take a photo of the 1.5m (dead) snake? This time: purple eggs, people. They come straight out the bird like this! Best I can figure, they’re laid by the spotted nothura. Beautiful.

Spotted Nothura Eggs

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  1. Wow. Do you eat those?

    • We didn’t. I imagine you could. We accidentally broke one and it was much like a chicken’s egg; wonder what it tastes like? My brother-in-law was determined to put them under a laying hen and try to hatch them. This is what we do for entertainment around here 😉

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