Crazy Kitchen Chickens

Our outdoor kitchen is infested with crazy chickens. Crazy or just incredibly dumb, but then dumb just comes with chicken territory. These two ladies take the cake, though. It all started normally enough, with them selecting roosting spots within the kitchen. Ever seen it happen? It’s cute. Like newlyweds apartment hunting, the rooster leads the hens […]

R.I.P Mr. Lao

Lao was the most scurrilous cat I have ever met. Ever regardless of the consequences or others’ preferences he did what he wanted, where he wanted, when he wanted. Even if that included peeing on our rugs, eating our cake, sampling the milk pasteurizing on the stove, or stealing our chicken dinner. He scoffed at spray […]

Fotocrônica: Labrador Julieta?

This is Julieta.  She seems to be a big fan of  101 Dalmations.


She came to us because her mother died in a tragic accident.   Our relatives couldn’t raise her, so they brought this little orphan to us. How could you say “no” to those big brown eyes? Veadiniha (“Little Deer”) is too young to put straight out into the pasture to feed.  She’s been living within the […]

Fotocrônica: Unexpected

A sight from my walk to work the other day.  Unexpected.  I’m not sure how he got up there.  He didn’t look too sure he knew how he was going to get down.

Animal Farm: Os Cães (the Dogs)

The dogs´reputation preceeds them.  Every time we set up a delivery in this small town–from the influential female owner of three businesses in town to the burly, rugged stonemasons–they all say the same thing: “You’ve still got those dogs, right?  They terrify me.  You´re going to tie them up before we come?” Yes, we intimidate […]

Animal Farm: Lao

This week Crônicas do Brasil got an exclusive opportunity to interview one of the more enigmatic characters from Fazenda Pau D’Alho: Lao. While lore tells us that Lao came to the farm as a young cat around the time that Dora and Katya were living here, there are conflicting stories as to how he got […]

Animal Farm

In a rural world where there is more than enough work to go around, even the animals have jobs. The cows are The Breadwinners, beginning their work day early to provide the milk that is the backbone of our income. On Sundays when there is no milk delivery they instead give us cheese and doce […]