Insect Bites

The ants were swarming all over the gate. Why? Who knows? They’d never done this before, but tonight, there they were. I paused a moment to size up their black motions in the shadows from the car headlights. There was no way to unlock that gate without standing right in the middle of them. Without […]

Fotocrônica: A New Leaf

I got home the other evening and said to myself, “My, that’s new. I’ve never seen green leaves on that plant. Waittaminute….” Well played, my little friend, well played.

Animal Farm: Os Bichos

As a linguist I have a love for words descriptive and versatile. Bicho ranks right up there with fuck in its versatility. Insert it wherever words fail you: pega isse bicho lá para mim? (grab that whatzit over there for me?) and with a certain air of the expletive: bicho está trabado! (damn thing is […]