Trash Redux

I have a horrible time keeping track of which day it is.  Let’s be honest, I was never particularly talented at it.  I’d like to blame it on much international travel and lots of exposure to a non-Western time sense, rather than consider that it’s just a glaring character flaw.  Yes, let’s do that.

To make matters worse when you live on a farm and every day seems like the last with the exceptions of market-Saturdays where you have to remember to go get vegetables for the week, well, it’s easy to get distracted. That’s probably another crônica altogether, so I’ll stop here.  The short story is that I meant to add some more photos to the last post, and I lost track of what day it was and–whoops!–my almost complete crônica published itself right on schedule.

So here are a few more photos of trash being reused in very creative ways.  And forgive me if I went back and polished one or two lines.  Trash redux, indeed.

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